Coastal Snippets September 2021

We are going to change tack for this Snippets. We are not going to mention gardening or weather and we are definitely steering clear of Covid news. Not even an earthquake is going to distract our attention from the most important thing that is happening at the moment: –

The mighty Demons are playing in the AFL Grand Final!!!

After a lifetime of waiting in the wings, Rob’s beloved AFL team, Melbourne, are playing for their first AFL flag since 1964. While Rob can’t be there to see his team in action on Saturday (due to that thing we aren’t mentioning), his eldest son is in Perth and will be there at the game, representing the whole Westle family and cheering the mighty Dees on.

As Australians, we do love an underdog, and I think that a 57 year wait well and truly counts as underdog status. So, (unless you are a true blue doggie fan, then we give you a full exemption) jump on board the Demon train and help Rob cheer Melbourne to a Grand Final victory this weekend.

Go the DEES!!

September to do list: Barrack for the Demons!!

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