Coastal Snippets November 2021

Spring is well and truly upon us and the Coastal team are all systems go. We have put a full stop on Covid and we are in full swing. Spring has presented the Mornington Peninsula with lots of rain combined with lovely sunny days to warm the earth which has put our gardens in full growth mode.

A small hiccup has resulted from the slight zephyr that swept through on Friday which transformed into quite the weather event. We live in one of the most beautiful areas of Victoria, and part of that is the many large, gorgeous trees and shrubs on nearly all our properties. Unfortunately, a lot of these trees and shrubs have been damaged or are now lying on our properties after Friday’s gale storm. We understand the gravity of this situation, but we are asking for your patience as, due to the magnitude of damage caused and with nearly every property in the same predicament, it may take a few weeks for us to get it all cleared up. If there is a situation where there is a safety issue, please let us know and we will of course prioritise that.

We are continuing with our spring work regime to ensure that your properties look great for the free Christmas and Summer holidays we are so looking forward to enjoying this year.

November to do list: Enjoy new found freedoms and the warming and lengthening of the days.

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