Coastal Snippets May 2022

Autumn is a truly magnificent season and this year it has seemed to have passed by in a flash. The colder temperatures are reminding us that it is coming towards the end (as is the fact that we are raking lots of leaves!) As such we are in the throes of beginning to start to think and plan for winter gardening. Crazy as it might sound, seeing as we haven’t even plunged into winter yet, we are also envisioning your gardens for spring and what preparations we need to make for their blooming awakening from hibernation

It is the perfect time of year to have any extra jobs done so if you have any garden requests or requirements, please contact us so that we can book them into our schedules over the next few months

May/June to do list: Spring preparation

We highly recommend that your gardens get a session of weed eradication and application of mulch prior to spring. This not only keeps the weed control more manageable but enables your gardens to really flourish when the warmer weather comes.

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