Coastal Snippets July 2021

Things are looking up with good news here in Victoria. We have just passed the shortest daylight day of the year so our days are going to get longer and Queensland has just opened its borders to us and so Rob is heading off to the sunshine state for some warmth and a very much needed post covid break for him and his family. While those of us still in Victoria may be not as warm as Rob will be up North, we will hopefully have a few more of those glorious crisp sunny days we have had recently which can greatly brighten our winter mood.

That coveted winter sun is brightening our gardens too with flashes of colour in citrus trees and winter flowering camellias. While winter may seem to be a quiet time in our gardens, it is the time when we need to be laying the foundation and ground work to allow our properties to shine come spring and summer.

Winter pruning and weed control are essential factors in your garden program and as such we will be beginning our extensive winter pruning regime starting mid July (with Rob back on deck, warmed up, rested and rejuvenated) Plants which benefit from winter pruning include: roses, lilly pillys, hydrangeas, fuchsias, hibiscus, azaleas, buxus, impatiens, evergreen plants and trees and deciduous trees (including fruit trees)

As well as this, the Coastal team will also be focusing on weeding, mulching, shaping and fine tuning your garden’s needs. By putting in the hard work now, the reward will be reaped come spring and summer.

Now is the time to book in all your winter jobs so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

June / July to do list:


Winter pruning is so vitally important to your plants health. Pruning promotes air circulation allowing your plants to ‘breathe’ and to capture that winter sun where it is most beneficial. It also encourages new growth for a spectacular spring and summer display. As well as this it has the added advantage in that it makes your gardens easier to manage throughout these shorter, colder days when we are spending less time outside.

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