Coastal Snippets February 2022

We hope you have all been enjoying your summer and getting your share of sunshine and fun times. The days are starting to get shorter, and it is a great reminder to make the most of this time of year and enjoy this glorious weather and our gorgeous outdoor spaces.

Schools are back this week and that signals the end of the holiday season for most. The team at Coastal Property Care have been back for a few weeks now and we are in full swing. We have resumed normal scheduling, but those earlier sunsets are also a reminder to start thinking about planning for our autumn gardens. If you have any additional garden tasks you would like undertaken, please let us know now so that we can schedule them in to optimize your properties for the upcoming season.

February to do list: Weed control

All this sunshine and our recent heavens opening deluges have created wonderful growing conditions for weeds. Control and removal of them will prevent them from establishing themselves and taking over lawns and gardens

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