Coastal Snippets August 2021

You may have noticed we haven’t been on such a regular schedule with our Snippets this year. I think it is safe to say that Covid and lockdowns have thrown a spanner in pretty much everyone’s works. We have been reluctant to send out information, only to have it become incorrect due to changes in lockdowns rules. We are pleased to now let you know that it is confirmed that Coastal Property Care is allowed to continue property maintenance for all properties during lockdown.

Spring is signaling its imminent arrival with daffodils, wattle and early fruit blossoms bursting into bloom in gardens across the Peninsula. This is such a joyful sight after the winter we have had but it is also our signal that we need to strive to complete our late winter preparations to ensure the best possible results for your gardens come spring and summer.

Pruning is such an integral factor for plant health and encourages new growth for more spectacular displays come the warmer months. Winter prunes are especially beneficial to fruit trees, roses, hydrangeas, buxus, azaleas, hibiscus, fuchsias and lilly pillys as well as many other deciduous and evergreen trees. Now is the time to complete this pruning to allow for spring growth to reach its full potential.

It is also such an essential time to get on top of any weeds which have flourished with all the rain we have received. Weeding and mulching is very important at this time of year to keep the weeds at bay for spring and summer

August to do list: Let us know your late winter garden requirements

We are working hard on our late winter preparations as it is important that your gardens look as good as they possibly can so they can be enjoyed to the fullest as we come out of lockdown and into our warmer seasons. If you have any garden tasks that require attention, please let us know and working together we will have your gardens exhibiting their full glorious potential.

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