Coastal Snippets August 2019

Mother Nature is so clever. Have you noticed all the Narcissus bulbs that have been popping up and blooming all over the Mornington Peninsula? Just as we are in the depths of the cold and dark of Winter, despairing for warmer, longer days, the earth sends up daffodils and jonquils to brighten our world and to remind us that Spring is just around the corner.

And Spring being just around the corner means that things are about to really start happening in our gardens. We can already see the changes starting, blossom buds ready to burst into bloom, the beginning of new growth and the weeds springing up (Arrgh weeds!!) Things are really starting to happen for the Coastal team too. Rob always tells us that after the AFL Grand Final everything changes on the Peninsula, everything comes alive and gets busier. That includes that Coastal team. As we get busier, we want to ensure that our clients are happy and are having their garden needs met. Please make sure that you contact us as early as possible with any special requests or additional tasks to your regular maintenance so that we can schedule these in.

August to do list: Planning and booking in jobs

Rob strongly believes that Winter preparation is vital for getting the garden the way you want it for when the weather warms up. Now is the perfect time to plan and continue to build on your garden projects to ensure the best results. Speak to Rob about what you envision and what your garden requirements are. Planning and forward notice can make such a difference in what can be achieved for your garden.

P.S. Please be advised that we will start invoicing twice a month as of August. We had planned to start this a few weeks ago however we came across a couple of hurdles. We have overcome those now and we are ready to put this plan into action.

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