Coastal Snippets April 2022

As we have passed the vernal equinox, we can say that we have officially transitioned into Autumn. The temperatures are dropping and the foliage colours are changing and donning their magnificent fiery hues. We hope that you have enjoyed the summer and reveled in the warm weather. Our gardens are a little drier this year due to the reduced rain fall, but with our northern neighbours suffering with too much rainfall we will count our blessings in that regard. Our thoughts are with them as they look to continue to have to contend with more of these horrendous issues in the coming weeks and hope that it doesn’t eventuate.

We are busy ensuring your gardens are at their Easter best so you can enjoy their full potential before we submerge into the colder, wetter weather and retreat back indoors again. We are also laying foundations and getting set to embark on winter gardening schedules and preparations

April to do list: Easter preparation

It’s back to basics at this time of year – Rob’s gardening 101. Just making sure the gardens look their autumn best before the winter work begins. Weeding, watering and fertilising. On an extra note, due to the humidity, some gardens seem to be affected with spider mite and if we notice this affecting your garden, we will act on it.

And most importantly of all – don’t forget the chocolate (or your favourite Easter treat). With winter coming we need to spoil ourselves just a little.

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