Coastal Snippets - July 2020

I know it’s not for everyone, but my thoughts are that Victorian weather is an amazing spectrum of variants. Sure, it’s cold at the moment and we have been getting a lot of rain (A LOT!) but sprinkled through that is moody morning mists and crisp clear sunny days. There is something glorious about the sun on your face in winter. No doubt, our gardens think so too. Deciduous trees have shed their foliage to allow winters sun to directly warm their branches. Citrus trees are bursting with fruit with their Vitamin C goodness and lawns are green and lush (albeit a bit soggy)

Winter is not necessarily our gardens ‘show time’, but it is the hunker down and get everything ready time. If we put in the time and effort now, this is rewarded many times over come spring and summer. The Coastal team are focusing on pruning, weeding, mulching, shaping, planting and fine tuning your garden’s needs. Some of your plants may be dormant, but we are busy optimising their potential.

Now is also the ideal time to have a chat to us about any thoughts or plans you have for your garden – socially distanced of course!

July to do list:


I know, we are sounding like a broken record, but at this time of year pruning is the buzz word and so vitally important to your plants health. Pruning allows your plants to ‘breathe’, to capture that winter sun where it is most beneficial and encourages new growth for a spectacular spring and summer display. It also makes your gardens easier to manage throughout these shorter, colder days when we perhaps spend a little less time in our gardens. Plants which benefit from winter pruning include: roses, lilly pillys, hydrangeas, fuchsias, hibiscus, azaleas, buxus, impatiens, evergreen plants and trees and deciduous trees (including fruit trees)

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