Coastal Snippets - June 2020

Whether you subscribe to the June 1st or the Solstice as the start of Winter, there was definitely a cooler feeling in the air this week. Crisper mornings and shorter days are certainly upon us now.

As we head into our coldest months we need to prepare our gardens for their Winter season. This is the perfect time to undertake pruning, weeding and mulching. Comprehensive winter preparations mean that when we emerge from our Winter hibernations, our Spring and Summer gardens will be at their magnificent best. What a nice way to finish out 2020, especially after it has presented such a difficult time thus far.

We would like to sincerely thank you for your ongoing custom and support this year. We are really proud to say we have been able to keep our full team of local residents employed throughout this year and they are looking forward to continuing to work hard at keeping your gardens and properties maintained and flourishing.

June to do list:


June is the optimum time for pruning your plants. Cutting back and shaping as the plants enter their slow growth stage during the colder months ensures that your gardens are easier to manage during the upcoming shorter days and promotes healthier and improved growth in Spring and Summer.

Wood splitting

We have recently purchased a top end, super powerful, wood splitter. If you have any wood you need to split to keep yourselves warm and cosy over Winter, please give us a call and we will get it done. It tidies up your property, keeps you warm and saves money on purchasing firewood.

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