Coastal Snippets April 2020

Things have changed a bit since our last Snippets in March haven’t they? These are trying times for all of us. While we are incredibly lucky to live in Australia, and I think particularly lucky to live on the Mornington Peninsula, none of us are unaffected and we are all experiencing difficulties in some form.

We send sincere sympathy to anyone who has loved ones whose health is affected by the current pandemic. To our front line workers we send our most heartfelt thanks. And to those, like us, who are home schooling their progeny, we empathise and once this is over and we gladly send them packing back to school, we will seriously consider sending weekly thank you gifts to our childrens' teachers.

It's been a tough time for everyone and the challenges haven’t escaped Coastal Property Care. We have some wonderful long standing clients who due to the complete shut down of some industries have unfortunately been forced to put all gardening and maintenance on hold. To all our clients we understand and offer our condolences to any of you who have lost income and revenue. We are here for you now and when our worlds return to some sort of normality.

Rob is extremely proud of his team, now more than ever. Coastal Property Care is still operating and is currently employing eight local members of our community. We are Covid-19 ready and willing to take on any garden or maintenance work that you require. Just give us a call.

While these are difficult times, we can take hope from the fact tha

t it is not permanent. Hopefully, we are through the worst and we are coming through the other side. There has been an amazing feeling of community and we are very thankful to all our clients for their support and understanding. In the mean time, we need to keep supporting each other in any way we can and I think we will come out of this stronger than ever.

April to do list: Stay Safe

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