Things are certainly strange for everyone at this time. Covid-19 is changing the world and unsettling things in many ways. I have noticed many of you making use of your beautiful holiday homes to spend quality time with your family on the magnificent peninsula where it feels like it is a little easier to navigate our way with Covid-19’s impact on our lives.

Whilst everything is changing rapidly, the authorities are currently keen to keep businesses going where they possibly can and at Coastal we are keen to keep going.

Coastal Property Care is fully operational at this stage. Coastal Property Care is in the fortunate position in that our business is perfectly equipped to continue to provide our services in the current situation. We work totally outdoors and we work in teams of two, which means that we do not congregate. The services we provide do not require us to have face to face contact with our clients at all. We are totally self-sufficient. We bring all our own equipment so we do not have to touch any of yours. We are also implementing even stricter hygiene rules and social distancing rules for the team.

We are happy to chat face to face, implementing strict social distancing measures, but you are more than welcome to have all communications performed remotely. You can email any special requirements to or simply leave an old fashioned pen and paper note for us. We are happy to accommodate your communications in any way that suits you best.

Although it continues to impact many parts of our lives Covid-19 is not going to stop the rapid growth our gardens are experiencing at the moment. We will all be spending a lot more time enjoying our homes and garden for the near future. We like to think that by at least keeping your garden looking good, we are doing something to keep life feeling a little more normal.

These are tough times but together we will get through it.

Stay safe,

Rob Westle

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