Coastal Snippets March 2020

Anyone would be hard pressed to say that this Summer on the Mornington Peninsula was predictable. Blistering hot one day with air conditioners threatening to overload power supplies, then sudden cool changes (read cold snaps) that had some of us contemplating lighting our fires and pulling out our woolly knits. This, accompanied by heavy rainfalls, has resulted in prolific growth in plants and lawns alike. Watching grass grow is a distinct possibility if you happen to look at your lawn for longer than 5 minutes.

Autumn is settling in fast. Leaves are beginning to change colour, fungi are popping up and lawns are starting to look lush and green. But this is Victoria, and it is more than likely that summer hasn’t hailed its last hurrah yet. With warm days and more rainfall, our gardens and lawns are going to continue to flourish and will be keeping the Coastal team busy for the month of March.

March to do list: Mowing

This may sound obvious but with so much lawn growth, regular mowing is important to keep your lawn length maintained for optimal results.

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