Coastal Snippets November 2019

October managed to give us virtually every possible weather condition in one month. One day we are sweltering in mid 30 degree temperatures and a few days later we are back to rugging up in woolies and lighting the fire at night. We have had glorious sunshine and then downpours of rain. If variety is the spice of life then, as Victorians, our lives are certainly well seasoned!

You would think that these vast weather changes would confuse our plants and gardens growth patterns, but quite to the contrary, on the most part they seem to be thriving in these conditions. We are experiencing very aggressive Spring growth which means we are all systems go. This is our “Grand final” time and we are doing our level best to having your properties ready for you to enjoy as we head towards Summer and the holiday season. (Despite our attempts to ignore the fact, signs are everywhere telling us how long it is until Christmas – and they are telling us it isn’t far away!) Moving forward, we will continue to work hard to achieve the best results for you.

As you can imagine, this is a very busy time of year for us. As such, could we please ask that if you have any special requests that you would like done before the end of the year, please let us know as soon as possible so that we are able to include it in our work schedule. We would like to make sure that everyone’s requirements are met and, to do that, we really need to have our work schedules in place well in advance. We appreciate your understanding with this.

November to do list: Update your contact list

We live in an electronic age where, not only are people able to be contacted all the time, but also in a multitude of ways. While this can be fantastic, it can also be less than ideal when trying to remember which platform the correspondence was received on when wishing to action it. We are concerned that messages could potentially be missed while trying to monitor all contact methods. To try to ensure that all messages are received and acted upon, could we please request that you correspond to Coastal Property Care through the email This email is regularly checked every day and is the best way to contact us.

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