Coastal Snippets October 2019

The Mornington Peninsula has thrown some challenging weather at us in September – especially for gardeners! The BOM haven’t released the official rainfall for September as yet, however we feel that it was a very wet September on the peninsula and several locals have informed us that they have measured over 700ml of rain since May.

These inclement days have restricted the work we have been able to achieve in this past month (it is very difficult to mow in the rain) and many properties in the area were a little bit, shall we say, waterlogged. All this quenching rain and the onset of warmer weather has resulted in ideal growth conditions, which is great for your gardens, but it is certainly keeping us on our toes. We have been working very hard to achieve the best possible results in these circumstances and to keep your gardens looking the best that they can. We will continue on this track through October, with the intention of having your properties looking fantastic as we head into Summer.

October to do list: Gardening 101

October is the month for getting back to basics. We will be concentrating on foundation gardening – mowing, snipping, weeding and mulching. With the gardens thriving with growth, these maintenance jobs are going to be keeping us very busy and we will be working very hard to achieve the results that we always strive for.

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