Coastal Snippets September 2019

Spring is here! Even though it has only just arrived, we can already feel a change in the air. The sun feels that bit warmer and the early mornings are not quite as frosty anymore. Days are getting longer, moods are lifting and people are already rejoicing that summer is just that little bit closer.

Spring is such a magnificent time in the garden. With the rise in temperatures, plants are blossoming, blooming and sprouting. Unfortunately, our garden plants are not the only ones taking advantage of the great growing conditions. Weeds are growing everywhere like, well -weeds! (There is a lot of merit in the saying ‘Growing like a weed’) We have been working at removing and controlling those weeds before they fully establish themselves and take up squatters rights in your garden.

Now is the time to MULCH.

Mulch not only improves the soil and reduces water loss through evaporation, but placed in the correct quantity will also hamper the weeds from returning as quickly and prolifically. Mulching your garden will ensure that Spring and Summer is a lot easier on the weed front.

If you are interested in spreading mulch on your garden, please contact us immediately to enable us to book you in for September and early October delivery and application.

September to do list: Cape weed spraying

Cape weed are rearing their ugly heads all over the peninsula. They have an annoying trait that they actually have to be visible before being sprayed for the most effective removal results. Now that they have started appearing it is time to strike while the iron is hot and get them sprayed as soon as possible. Please contact us if you have Cape weed on your property and we can schedule you in to be sprayed before they really take hold.

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