Coastal Snippets July 2019

Winter has settled in on the Mornington Peninsula. Temperatures have dropped, days are shorter and many of us are making the most of it, enjoying the warmth of open fires and hot cups of beverages of choice.

Cold weather and reduced daylight hours are no obstacle for the Coastal Property Care team. Many of your plants may be dormant, but we are busy with Winter preparation laying the foundations for a spectacular Spring garden. Winter is like the “pre-season” for your garden when a lot of the hard work is done to ensure the best results come “game time”. We are busy pruning, shaping, weeding, mulching, planting, relocating and establishing. Now is a great time to speak to us with any plans you have for your garden for the upcoming Spring and Summer.

July to do list: Pruning

We know that we mentioned this last month, but we wanted to re-iterate it, as now is the time for pruning to ensure the best results. The bare branches for deciduous plants mean that it is easier to see the shape of the plant and determine the best parts to remove. It also enables you to encourage new growth to establish the shape you are looking to form. Plants which benefit from Winter pruning include roses, deciduous fruit trees, hydrangeas, azaleas, buxus, lillipillies, hibiscus, fuchsias, impatiens and evergreen plants.

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