Coastal Snippets June 2019

Goodbye Autumn. You have been magnificent with your temperate sunny days and your fiery foliage finery. While we are sad to see you go, we now welcome Winter with all the wonderful things that it offers our gardens.

We look forward to more ground soaking rain and the low temperatures that allow our deciduous plants and flowering bulbs to go dormant and undergo their many complex internal chemical processes to ready themselves for their new cycle in Spring.

Lawns are having a final flourish at the moment before they enter their own reduced version of Winter dormancy. They are looking lush and green and the Coastal team are busy keeping them trimmed, tidy and manicured.

June to do list: Pruning

Winter is an ideal time for pruning your plants. Cutting back and shaping during the dormant and slow growth stage during the colder months ensures that gardens are easier to manage and promotes a more magnificent display in Spring and Summer.

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