Coastal Snippets May 2019

What a glorious time of year! We are particularly spoilt on the Mornington Peninsula with the spectacular palette of autumnal colours in the foliage around us. From the golden yellow of the grape leaves to the magnificent canopies of reds that range from rose to fiery scarlet, nature is providing us with warmth in colour just as the weather cools.

The grass is beginning to regain its natural green colour too. Although, it may not be filling water tanks yet, we are receiving some rainfall which is good news for our gardens and our lawns particularly. Now is a great time to give your lawn some TLC. Things like watering, fertilising, top dressing and knowing what length to mow your grass go a long way towards a great looking grassed area and can assist in keeping lawn weeds down. Speak to Rob and the team about what they can do to achieve the best results for your garden.

May to do list: Lawn Care

This is such a broad category and there are many things you can do to boost your lawns potential.

  • While we are getting some rain, the lawn still may need extra watering during May.

  • Aeration of the soil can assist with water and air flow.

  • Fertilising to feed nutrients into the soil which may be depleted from the warmer months

  • It may seem obvious, but regular mowing can make a big difference

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