Coastal Snippets April 2019

We have officially entered Autumn now with the passing of the equinox nearly 2 weeks ago, however Summer is not going quietly without a fight. We have still experienced those higher temperatures recently and any decent downpour of rain has remained frustratingly elusive. As such, as mentioned last month, your gardens and properties will still be having much slower growth at the moment. The Coastal team have taken this and used it to their advantage however. There has been lots of pruning, trimming, green waste removal, general tidying up and fine tuning of areas. Temperatures are starting to cool now and those famed “April showers” are hopefully on their way to us. Once they arrive, thanks to the work the team have been doing, our gardens will be in great shape and ready to begin the growth cycle again

April to do list: Vegetable growing - Autumn is a fantastic time of year for planting out your vegetable garden. Vegetables to plant in April include cabbage, carrots, leeks, parsnips, swedes, turnips (home grown and home made vegetable soup anyone?) and a personal, possibly contentious, favourite - broad beans. Planting vegetables now will have you reaping the benefits of hearty, comforting soups and stews in the coming colder months. If you would like any help either establishing or maintaining your veggie garden, please let us know.

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