Coastal Snippets Mar 2019

It looks like Summer is going out on a high (temperature wise that is) and although we are entering Autumn, the hot, dry conditions are continuing. While some parts of the state have experienced some rainfall over the past few months, the Mornington Peninsula seems to have been mainly overpassed by those quenching rain clouds. Unfortunately, this means that our lawns and gardens are doing it tough at the moment. Plants have gone into self-preservation mode and will slow down their growth until we begin to start getting rain again. For the Coastal team, this has resulted in our mowing labour requirements being dramatically reduced. We have been taking this opportunity to put our energies into other areas of your gardens to keep them maintained to their best possible in these conditions. It is a perfect time for general garden tidy ups.

March to do list: Watering – If you are thinking ‘Haven’t we already had watering on a previous to do list?’, you are absolutely correct. However, with our hot dry Australian climate, it is important to reiterate this garden task. With water preservation in mind, water smart! Our January snippets had some great watering tips including watering in the early morning to ensure optimum water uptake by the plants and to reduce evaporation due to the heat. All our snippets are on our website under ‘Blog’ so you can refer back to them at any time

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