Coastal Snippets - Feb 2019

We hope you are enjoying the Summer and the hot weather that Mother Nature has been bestowing on us recently. The glorious long days of light can certainly uplift us.

Now that the holiday season is coming to a close, the Coastal team feel that we are establishing a great routine which we can continue into 2019. We are proud of our team and what they have been able to achieve over December and January under somewhat trying conditions. We hope the work we have done has allowed you to enjoy your gardens and your family time over the summer holidays.

Rob is going to be making appointments over the next few weeks to organise your garden plans for 2019. Please email Rob at if you would like to catch up and discuss your ideas.

February to do list: Planning Now is a great time to work out what direction you would like your garden design to take in 2019. What are your garden goals for 2019? What are your maintenance requirements? It is perfect timing to speak to Rob and organise our gardening year.

The Gardens of Versailles Photo source - Wikipedia

The gardens of Versailles

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