Coastal Snippets - Jan 19

Happy New Year!

As of January 2nd, Rob, Brad, Chris, Ben, Dave, Mac and the rest of the team are back on deck, refreshed, fuelled up on Christmas pudding and ready to take on 2019. This month we will be returning to the regular property maintenance schedule, however if you would like any extra or particular garden projects performed, please let us know and we can discuss any requirements that you have.

Communication is one of our priorities in 2019 so we will be continuing with our monthly Snippets and we encourage you to contact us at any time with any comments or concerns that you may have.

January to do list: WATERING. We have been having some very hot days in December and they are predicted to continue to occur in January. Correct and efficient watering is imperative for your gardens health in the hot Summer months. It is important that the water reaches its target with as little wastage as possible. Irrigation is an ideal way to direct the water to where you want it to go, but there are also other watering options. Please contact us to discuss what watering system would best meet your property needs.

Watering tips:

  • Water early in the morning when it the ground is cooler to reduce evaporation and allow foliage to dry during the day reducing the risk of fungus and disease

  • Water longer and less often to promote healthy root growth

  • Use a watering wand if available as it has less water loss than a regular hose nozzle

  • Water your pot plants more often than garden beds. Pots can retain heat and so dry out more quickly

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