Coastal Snippets - Nov 18

October brought us such a vast varies of weather conditions on the peninsula and November has begun with more of the same. These conditions have created a new meaning to watching grass grow as it seems to be shooting up before our very eyes!

Please keep in mind that the gorgeous Spring sunshine we are enjoying also promotes abundant growth in your garden. The Coastal Property Care team are working especially hard and we are making every effort to balance keeping costs to within your budget whilst maintaining quality of maintenance.

December is fast approaching, so if you have any special requests for your property in the lead up to Christmas, we will need to know as soon as possible as the December work schedule becomes very tight. Please send an email with any particular requirements to

We are pleased to inform you that we are going to commence sending invoices fortnightly in the near future. This will provide you with more up to date information about what services we are providing for your property and hopefully assist you with your property maintenance planning.

November to do list: Mulch! November is the ideal time to protect your gardens before that Summer heat is upon us and to keep weed growth at bay over the festive season.

#mulch #Spring

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