Prepare your spring garden

Glorious gardens

Are you ready to spend time in the garden? After a long winter many gardeners are looking forward to getting their hands dirty in the garden again. A great looking garden adds appeal to any home whether preparing for sale or for your own enjoyment. Here are some tips on how to prepare and maintain your garden in spring.

Sow, grow, eat! Whether you have a large property or a small courtyard, there are many solutions available for creating your own vegetable or herb garden. Build your own or purchase purpose-made versions in a range of materials – old wine barrels, corrugated iron, wooden sleepers – there’s an option for all tastes. Elevated Colourbond containers help avoid bending over – a great way for senior citizens to enjoy growing and harvesting veges, herbs and flowers.

Vertical gardens

Vertical gardens, both indoor and outdoor, are a popular way to both decorate a wall space and create a kitchen herb garden. Just like container plantings, your wall garden will need regular watering to keep it flourishing. While the plants are becoming established, for the first few weeks after planting, water it about every second day. Subsequently, you’ll need to water about once a week in summer. Easy to maintain drip systems can be added for convenience and easy care. Look for different leaf textures and colours as well as the odd annual to add colour and visual appeal.

Luscious lawn Despite our drought-like summer conditions, Australians love their lawns. With more sunlight and warmer soil, grass will start growing fast again, just like other plants. Take the opportunity before spring arrives to fertilise the lawn and kill any weeds starting to come through.

Adding colour

Check out neighbourhood yards, public gardens, parks and garden shows to see what other people are doing. Plant flowers that you want to see blooming at the beginning of spring as early as possible. Consult a nursery near you and talk to the owner about plant varieties that grow well and bloom early in your environment. Some common early bloomers around Melbourne are: Camellia, Daffodil, Magnolia Tree and Tulips.

Need a hand this spring with preparing, planting or maintaining your property’s garden and lawn? For all your Mornington Peninsula property maintenance needs contact Rob at Coastal Property Care – 0414 539 190.

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